Which Digital Nomad Hotspot Is Right For You?

Which Digital Nomad Hotspot is Right for You

Take this quick quiz to help determine which digital nomad hotspot is right for you! We chose nine of the top digital nomad cities across four continents. Each is unique in its own ways and there is something for everyone. What ties them all together are the strong nomad communities that have popped up there.

Find out where you will be heading to next!

What size city or town do you prefer?
What region of the world do you like?
What type of environment do you enjoy?
Is nightlife important to you?
What is your ideal climate?
What is does your budget look like?

Which Digital Nomad Hotspot Is Right For You?

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Linda Talarico
Linda Talarico
Linda started her travel journey in 2009 when she left her home state of New Jersey and flew to the other side of the world. Since then, traveling the world has been her greatest passion. She has visited more than 40 countries and counting! As a co-founder of Travelitic, she looks forward to connecting with fellow travelers and helping others to make their travel dreams come true.
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