Tyler Kimble

Tyler Kimble

Tyler has been traveling the world nonstop since Fall 2015. Originally from Wisconsin in the U.S., he discovered his passion for travel thanks to his wife Linda. He is very analytical and keeps detailed notes for every place he and Linda visit together, especially cost of living data. As a co-founder of Travelitic, he is excited to share his wealth of travel knowledge with the world!


Are You a Skyline Savant?

The world is full of huge, dynamic cities across just about every continent. Metropolises are constantly competing against each other by constructing flashy skyscrapers and unforgettable monuments. How well can you recognize these iconic skylines from around the world? Take...


How to do Stopover Travel the Right Way

"Just passing through" is a phrase normally reserved for small, backwater towns on the way to some grandiose final destination. But the way we like to travel flips the script on this idea. Instead of flying to Rome for Rome's...

yellow train near garden

Slow Travel: Going Beyond the FOMO Trap

Looking back on over four years of continuous travel, some things only become clear in retrospect. Linda and I never set out to travel according to any distinct philosophy. In the beginning, we were hopping all over the place, seeing...

Learn Spanish in Mexico Like a Jefe

Learn Spanish in Mexico Like a Jefe

If you're American or Canadian, chances are you recognize the utility of learning Spanish. Perhaps you've even taken classes in high school. But if you were like me, trying to hold a halfway intelligent conversation in Spanish is next to...