About Us

Welcome to Travelitic! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to optimize your travel based on real-world data as well as trusted experience. We enjoy simple living all over the world, leveraging the affordable cost of living and minimizing stress in our lives. Getting to explore different places and cultures is the cherry on top!

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help more people cultivate a slow travel mindset that allows you to travel the world sustainably on a budget. By analyzing trends and sharing our knowledge of the best value destinations, tips, and practices, we aim to make the dream of a nomad lifestyle a reality in your life, just as it has transformed ours.

Our Approach

Slow Travel

We believe that unique experiences are at the heart of what makes travel special. Often, that means leaving the well-trod tourist path behind and opening yourself up to the unconventional and spontaneous. Slow travel is all about soaking in your environment and seeing where the adventure takes you rather than planning everything in advance. As perpetual nomads, slow travel is the only way to travel and not go broke!

Nomad Lifestyle

We are certainly not the only ones living a “digital nomad” lifestyle. More and more people are becoming location independent, able to live and work wherever they please. Some have even retired in a foreign country. We often create content that speaks to the unique challenges and nuances of this type of lifestyle.

Cultivating Connection

Travel itself is all about making connections, connecting to the places we visit, the people we meet, and the cultures we experience. These connections are the most valuable and lasting parts of heading out and exploring the world. We hope, through this project, to make even more connections to fellow nomads, travelers, wanderers, adventurers, bloggers, vloggers, writers, photographers, all kinds of explorers and creators.

Special Areas of Focus

  • Budget Conscious Travelers. Tyler, the nerd he is, keeps a log of every purchase we make while traveling. Penny pinching is much easier with data! In fact, we wouldn’t be able to keep this lifestyle up without being budget-conscious. We share strategies to help you get the most value while traveling so you can keep it going as long as possible.
  • Foodie, food, and more food. One of the absolute pleasures of exploring a new place is trying the local culinary delights. We’re not snobs and enjoy discovering cheap hole-in-the-wall type places. “Foodies on a budget,” if you will. We like to share our favorite restaurants and cooking tips here on Travelitic.
  • Couple’s Travel – Traveling Together. We’ve spent over 97% of our total time together as a couple traveling (trust us, we did the math). We even got married “on the road” in 2019! While our content is meant for everyone, couples may find it particularly useful.
  • Sustainable, Responsible Travel. This goes hand-in-hand with slow travel. We recognize the environmental and social impact travel can have and aim to “leave no trace” on fragile places and cultures as much as possible.
  • Europe and the Americas. We have spent over four years(!) traveling continuously. Throughout most of this time, we’ve thoroughly explored Europe, North America, and South America. We’ve been to some places outside of these regions and will occasionally write about them, but for the most part, our articles are focused on the places where we spent the most time.
  • Expat Life and Living Abroad. Slow traveling as a nomad often means staying in one place for quite some time which can make it feel more like you are living there rather than just passing through. There is a growing overlap between the nomad and ex-pat communities because we often face similar obstacles.
  • Leveraging Stopover Travel. Stopover travel is a great way to briefly visit a major city while en route to somewhere more affordable. It also breaks up the exhaustion of flights and long bus rides. We write about how to do stopover trips like a pro.

Our Team

Tyler Kimble

Tyler Kimble

Tyler has been traveling the world nonstop since Fall 2015. Originally from Wisconsin in the U.S., he discovered his passion for travel thanks to his wife Linda. He is very analytical and keeps detailed notes for every place he and Linda visit together, especially cost and internet speed information. As a co-founder of Travelitic, he is excited to share his wealth of travel knowledge with the world!

Linda - Travelitic

Linda Talarico

Linda started her travel journey in 2009 when she left her home state of New Jersey and flew to the other side of the world. Since then, traveling the world has been her greatest passion. She has visited more than 40 countries and counting! As a co-founder of Travelitic, she looks forward to connecting with fellow travelers and helping others to make their travel dreams come true.